Some Updates To Look Forward To

Written on September 10, 2008 at 8:20 am by Brian Manning

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Our online playbook and team management software is updated at least once a month, with everything from minor visual updates to major interface changes.  A couple of new updates that users can look forward to this month are team-wide emails and fast-play video buttons.

Right now, coaches can write announcements, but in the next update, coaches will be able to not only write those announcements on the announcement board, but also send that information to their entire team instantly.  So, instead of having to write a mass email, instead a coach can click a checkbox, and the work is done for them.

As for a team’s online sports video, when a player or coach selects a video, then can choose to play it as streaming video or progressive video.  This choice depends on their connection speed, with streaming for faster connections and progressive for slower.  The update will take out the first step. Now there will be buttons that not only select the video, but immediately start playing it as well, making it even easier for a team to play video.

These are just a couple of things teams can look forward to and I will keep you posted about both when these updates are available and other things to look forward to as well.

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