OnePlaybook Increases Flexibility for Coaches

Written on November 11, 2008 at 1:55 pm by Brian Manning

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Do you like OnePlaybook, but you’re only going to use it for a few months each year? Only want a little space on OnePlaybook? Do you know exactly what you’re looking for?

OnePlaybook is letting you decide what you want. With our new Flex and Custom packages, a coach can choose to pay month-to-month based on what they use, or they can decide exactly how much space they need. Either way, it adds up to more savings for coaches. In addition, all packages now come with the first 10 minutes of video (100 MB of space) free each month, that’s double for the free accounts from the last version!

The Flex plan allows a coach to pay each month for the average amount of space they used in the previous month. This gives the coach the ability to use more space when they need it, and pay less when they don’t need that space, without any long-term commitment.

The Custom package gives the coach the option to decide the amount of space they get. So, they don’t get too much or too little, they get exactly what they want, which is always just right.

As always, all packages come with unlimited transfers (uploads and downloads), so you never have to worry about everyone on your teamnot being able to watch your videos or get your documents.

We’re committed to giving coaches exactly what they want and need, and flexibility is just one of those things. What else did we add for this release? There are some minor cosmetic changes throughout OnePlaybook, as well as a new service that allows you to take longer to draw your plays. Coaches have been reporting that they want more time to draw individual plays, and now they have it. Your OnePlaybook account is still protected, and if a player leaves his computer unattended, he will still be logged out.

Finally, what can you look forward to? For one, we’re going to give you more video options so you can make the most out of your video and the space you have. We’re also going to give coaches the ability to make their team “inactive.” This way, we will keep your data safe between seasons, where no one will able to touch it, at a lower cost. Again, this gives a coach even more flexibility, and he doesn’t have to remove his files at the end of the season or add them back at the beginning of the next or worry about losing them in the meantime.

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