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Written on May 23, 2009 at 7:38 am by Brian Manning

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I wanted to share a milestone our playbook and coaching software reached on May 12th – we reached 400 teams!  It was almost two weeks ago, so we’ve already moved beyond that, but a milestone nonetheless.

Another peice of news is the most recent banner on CoachBook’s homepage is for OnePlaybook.  I’ve been trying to be more active on CoachBook because it really is a very valuable resource for coaches to meet other coaches.  I met the CoachBook creator Bill Vasko through my twitter account, which has been a great resource for meeting new coaches and getting feedback about OnePlaybook.

Finally, I am working on a new version of OnePlaybook’s play editor that should make it much easier to use and allow coaches to draw plays even more quickly.  It should be ready soon, and I will be posting more details  and a demonstration when it is published and goes live.

Six Ways Web-Based Coaching Software Helps Your Team

Written on April 28, 2009 at 2:01 pm by Brian Manning

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There are a lot of virtues to web-based software, especially when it comes to coaches.  Coaches have to communicate a lot of information to players and OnePlaybook’s web-based coaching software can make it easier for them and that is a great savings in time and stress.

Here are six specific ways OnePlaybook can help your team:

  1. Save Time: No more making copies or burning DVDs.
  2. Save Money: Don’t go through hundreds of pieces of paper, or DVDs or worry about getting a DVD copier or fixing your XEROX machine.
  3. Go Green: Many people feel good about helping the environment and others appreciate it when you do it.
  4. Communicate Instantly: Get the latest gameplan and updates to your players immediately.
  5. Use Video: If you never had the ability to give video to your players, now you can use video with your team affordably.
  6. Stay Ahead: Most of your competitors have never heard of web-based software for coaches, use that leg up to your advantage!

There are even more advantages to using an online playbook and online coaching software, but these are a few that always jump out to me first.  There are many more if you use OnePlaybook, whether it’s for football software, basketball playbooks or anything else!

Coaching Resources, or Lack Thereof

Written on February 12, 2009 at 11:08 am by Brian Manning

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After reading Marc Meyer’s great sports and social media article, I was emailing back and forth with Marc about coaches’ online habits.  It made me really think about how coaches really don’t have many resources available out there for them.

Most sports-related websites are tailored towards news and fans responding to professional or college sports.  There are some instructional resources out there, but most of those revolve around the proper way to throw a baseball or how to tackle in football.  There are not all that many sites that really focus on coaching and how to help coaches.  There are sports-specific forums available, but even then, they are few and far between.

It can be summed up with what I wrote to Marc:

There really isn’t much out there for coaches by way of communities.  Most of the time when a site involves sports it’s usually aimed at the fans or news instead of being for coaches and/or players.

It’s really an unfortunate truth and one that I hope the future developments of OnePlaybook can remedy, for example with things like our sports software tutorials.

American Football Monthly, Help for Football Coaches

Written on January 30, 2009 at 4:12 pm by Brian Manning

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One thing that coaches do not always use to the full effect are free online coaching resources.  Recently, I’ve started taking a closer look at American Football Monthly.  It’s definitely a place where a lot of useful coaching tips come through.

The content is all about American football, and it has quite the following.

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