Six Ways Web-Based Coaching Software Helps Your Team

Written on April 28, 2009 at 2:01 pm by Brian Manning

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There are a lot of virtues to web-based software, especially when it comes to coaches.  Coaches have to communicate a lot of information to players and OnePlaybook’s web-based coaching software can make it easier for them and that is a great savings in time and stress.

Here are six specific ways OnePlaybook can help your team:

  1. Save Time: No more making copies or burning DVDs.
  2. Save Money: Don’t go through hundreds of pieces of paper, or DVDs or worry about getting a DVD copier or fixing your XEROX machine.
  3. Go Green: Many people feel good about helping the environment and others appreciate it when you do it.
  4. Communicate Instantly: Get the latest gameplan and updates to your players immediately.
  5. Use Video: If you never had the ability to give video to your players, now you can use video with your team affordably.
  6. Stay Ahead: Most of your competitors have never heard of web-based software for coaches, use that leg up to your advantage!

There are even more advantages to using an online playbook and online coaching software, but these are a few that always jump out to me first.  There are many more if you use OnePlaybook, whether it’s for football software, basketball playbooks or anything else!

Save Paper with a Green Playbook

Written on March 23, 2009 at 7:37 pm by Brian Manning

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Playbooks are what you would normally consider “green,” right?  A binder filled with paper, not the greenest, most eco-friendly solution to teaching your players.

With OnePlaybook, that all changes.  Whether you have a football playbook that looks like an encyclopedia, have a twenty-player soccer team with schedules to hand out to every player and parent with multiple copies, or you’re a basketball coach who has scouting reports and new plays for every game twice a week.  Regardless, you can tear through a lot of paper (no pun intended).

With OnePlaybook, you get an online playbook that will save your team a lot of paper – not to mention money for buying paper, time making copies, or stress trying to fix that broken copier.  Paperless, with a sports team?  Never before has there been a solution where a coach can keep all of his team’s plays, documents, announcements, and communication in one place online.

Having a green playbook will save you time and money, help your team, all while helping the environment.  Something an environmentally-friendly coach can really appreciate.