Document and Video Upload Updates

Written on February 7, 2009 at 2:06 pm by Brian Manning

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Recently some coaches have been having problems uploading documents or videos with OnePlaybook, so I decided that I would update our sports software to make sure that more Internet browsers and operating systems would have no problem using our playbook software.

The update went up in stages this week and because of that there were some problems along the way.  However, as of earlier this afternoon, uploading to OnePlaybook is faster and easier than ever before. 

I would like to thank the coaches who updated me with questions and concerns along the way as well as thank everyone for their patience during the transition period.  Now that the update is complete, every OnePlaybook coach can look forward to a better site for his team.

OnePlaybook Sports Software Updates

Written on January 26, 2009 at 4:16 pm by Brian Manning

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Today, we’ve loaded a new version of our sports software for today you!  There are some minor usability and layout changes as well as fixing some problems coaches have been having.

In the past few days, I’ve talked to a few coaches with new ideas as well as issues with OnePlaybook.  Some coaches have been experiencing trouble uploading certain documents.  The bug revolved around certain pdf’s and some Microsoft documents.  That issue has since been eliminated, allowing coaches to upload any kind of document.  So, coaches can now upload their handouts or playbooks without issue.

Some coaches were also having an issue saving text with their play diagrams, that too, has been corrected.  Coaches don’t have to worry about that anymore since the update.

In addition, coaches have wanted the ability to edit a player’s email address without deleting the player and adding a new one, so we have built that in as well.

Finally, after talking with concerned sports coaches, we have extended the time that coaches and players can spend inactive on OnePlaybook before they are logged out.  This is something I completely understand.  I would hate losing work because I spent a lot of time drawing a play or writing an announcement.  That just means I lost more work!

You can also notice that we have a new image for our sports software homepage.  You can see the original image on Flickr, it’s a pretty good shot of a football field at night.