Football Playbook Software Testimonial

Written on May 11, 2009 at 6:30 pm by Brian Manning

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I recently talked to a coach from the Czech Republic whose team uses OnePlaybook’s football playbook software for their American Football team.

I’m very happy with your product and very much looking forward to its progress.  In our situation, we wouldn’t be able to do everything we do without OnePlaybook.

-Douglas Youngberg, Prague Panthers Football Coach

 Also, to give more background, they’re 121-14 and are currently playing in the Semi-Finals of the European Championships.  Go Panthers!

I’m always looking for more feedback from coaches and input – it’s how OnePlaybook gets better.  I’d be more than happy to post your testimonial, too!

Football Coaching Software Testimonial

Written on April 1, 2009 at 7:59 pm by Brian Manning

About Football Software, Testimonial

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After putting up a lacrosse coaching software testimonial, I wanted to follow up with another testimonial from a football coach about our football software.  I thought I would share it with other coaches and see what they think.

Good stuff. I’ve told everyone that I know about OnePlaybook. You’ve made some good upgrades since the beginning.

-Coach Dalton LeBleu, River Oaks School Assistant Football Coach

What do other coaches think of OnePlaybook?  If you’ll let me know, I’ll post it to the testimonials, too!