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Written on April 13, 2009 at 7:34 am by Brian Manning

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An Affiliate Program for Sports Coaches and Coaching Websites

Long Island, NY, April 13th, 2009 – 360 Sports Software, LLC is announcing the new release of a sports software affiliate program.  Now, coaches with weblogs, online forums or any other websites can advertise OnePlaybook coaching software and receive financial compensation for their efforts.

“While there has long been various affiliate programs and networks, there has never been an affiliate program that is specifically tailored for coaches,” says Brian Manning, creator of OnePlaybook.

OnePlaybook’s affiliate program is quick and easy for coaches to use: once they have signed up and been approved by the OnePlaybook team, they simply post a link to OnePlaybook’s website from their own that identifies where the visitor came from, and if that visitor buys something, then the coach or website owner receives a commission on that item.

This enables coaches who do not have many advertising options to advertise for OnePlaybook on their own site.  Coaches have a wealth of knowledge they share through coaching blogs, forums, and other websites, but they cannot always justify spending the time to do so.  Advertising fills the void and allows a hobby to become a source of income.

To become a sports and coaching software affiliate, just go to where there is more information about commissions and how the program works.

For additional information, visit or contact Brian Manning directly (see below).

360 Sports Software, LLC, was formed by Brian Manning, a web developer and former college football player, in January of 2007 with the purpose of creating OnePlaybookOnePlaybook launched in April of 2008 for football, in August of 2008 for a wide variety of sports, in February of 2009 it began offering HD video capability to its clients, and added its own affiliate program in April of 2009.

Brian Manning
360 Sports Software, LLC
P.O. Box 644
Levittown, NY 11756

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