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Written on August 27, 2008 at 10:26 am by Brian Manning

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An Infusion of Technology into a Stronghold of Old School

Long Island, NY, August 27, 2008360 Sports Software, LLC, has launched OnePlaybook, an online sports software package that allows sports coaches to manage team communications and materials in a secure forum from anywhere.  In today’s online age, 360 has created the first comprehensive online interface between coach and athlete.  Like so many tasks, coaching has moved online to save time and money.

Kevin Morris, Offensive Coordinator of the University of Massachusetts Football Team, can coach his players without sitting next to them.  Does it matter where his quarterback is?  Not anymore.  Using OnePlaybook, Morris is able to reach his players anywhere in the world, immediately and seamlessly communicating with his coaching notes, diagrams, and videos.  Touting a record of 22-5 over the past two seasons, UMass is keeping their winning edge with OnePlaybook.

The simplicity of OnePlaybook‘s interface offers both the stability and flexibility to support other sports, with packages to fit any budget, including the smallest budget: $0.  Yes, there is a free version.  Normally, when a coach gives the gameplan to his or her players, he or she has to print out thousands of sheets of paper, burn game film to bundles of DVDs, all of which take time and money.  Today, the intuitive and easy-to-use OnePlaybook gives coaches the ability to put those documents and videos online, as well as post announcements, host discussions, and draw play diagrams – all viewable within the integrated and secure team forum.

“A team needs to embrace the latest and greatest to stay competitive in this sport, and that’s what we’re doing by using OnePlaybook,” says Trinity College’s Head Football Coach, Jeff Devanney.  Trinity College of Hartford, CT, has been 44-4 over the last six years.

“Athletes are already using laptops, e-mail, and blackberries constantly. Why shouldn’t coaches use the power of those tools to the team’s advantage?” asks Brian Manning, President of 360 Sports Software, LLC, the creator of OnePlaybook.  “Technology keeps moving forward and teams need to use that technology to stay ahead.  If they don’t, their opponent will.”

So, while a player is in his or her dorm room, or home for break, he or she is still coached and is always on top of his or her gameplan.  All the while, the coach doesn’t have to burn a DVD or touch a sheet of paper.  Everything he or she would ever hand a player is there, securely tucked away on OnePlaybook.

For additional information, visit or contact Brian Manning directly (see below).

360 Sports Software, LLC, was formed by Brian Manning, a web developer and former college football player, in January of 2007 with the purpose of creating OnePlaybookOnePlaybook went on sale in April of 2008 for football and in August of 2008 for a wide variety of sports.

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