How To Work Twice as Fast with Snips

Written on September 22, 2008 at 5:18 pm by Brian Manning

About Play Editor, Snips

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OnePlaybook has an innovative system for drawing new plays called snips.  Normally when a coach wants to diagram a play for his players, he has to draw the whole thing or he can cut and paste parts of it from one diagram to the next.

With OnePlaybook‘s online play editor, a coach can use snips to do this for them.  What is a snip?  It is a part of a play that a coach is going to use over and over again.  For football, that might be a defensive alignment.  For baseball, it might be normal field positions.  For men’s lacrosse, it might be a 3-2-1 formation.  Whatever the sport, there are parts of a diagram that are going to be constantly used.  Those parts can be drawn as snips.

When a coach is then drawing a play, he can load those snips he had drawn before, making it easier to draw many alignments and looks against different defenses and situations far faster than if he was going to draw each one seperately, allowing him to work twice as fast (or more!).